What is retirement?

Is it a resting time or a rebirth?   In my case it’s both.  We gave up the “big house” with all it’s stuff and lawns, etc. and make our new “little house” work for us, and it truly does.  It’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable and easy to keep.  Someone else does the lawn mowing and we keep changing the flowers in our pots when they die (that’s what we call upkeep) so everyday life is simpler.  Cooking for me is an act of love when the person (or persons) you are feeding appreciate your efforts.  God blessed me when he gave me Tom.  Tom thinks I am the best cook ever, says I can sing beautifully, loves my paintings and proudly hangs them all over ou r  little house for all to see and he still cannot see any gray hair on  my head (probably needs new glasses)….so, life is good with us.  I spend my days being quite busy.  I stll cook a lot and we do a lot of entertaining (then there are so many potlucks and invitations to “bring something”) so I get a chance to try a lot of new things.

I bowl in the Lady’s Monday morning league and have become much better with those BIG bowling balls ( grew up bowling with the small ones – candlepin), I am involved in lots of classes put on by the Artisian’s here.  Besides watercolor and oil painting, I have done glass mosaics, fusions and jewelry making, a member of the photography club, I have won prizes in the annual photo contest for the past two years, but did not submit anything this year.

I am a Director on our private Real Estate board and volunteer at the office one day a week besides showing homes for sale. I have let my Massachusetts Real Estate Broker’s license expire (I had enough of that fun).

I go to a place close by to sing Karaoke with my “singing buddies” and we have a blast.  I ran a Karaoke Happy Hour for the community last Summer.  I found it was a lot of work but a fun time was had by all.  I have taken my Karaoke to private parties and have had many a fun evening here at our little house with others.. Note:  Invite the neighbors and they won’t ever complain.

Tom and I go to pretty much every dance they offer here and we stay on the dance floor most of the evening.  We ride our bikes to the pool and swim every other day and walk almost every evening (stopping along the way to chat with neighbors), so you can assume we get plenty of excersize to balance out all the extra eating and drinking.  Tom built two websites that are used by our community which keeps him on his toes. He is quite involved here and is on the HOA Board so he is pretty busy too.   He is the most social he has ever been!

Yes, after we do all this, WE septuagenarians REST !