Work spaces …

So many years I sought out a well lit workspace to paint where I could just leave it set up and walk away – without success. After retirement, I found a great spot in my Florida Room. The Florida Room is just off the Living Room and is totally windowed and air conditioned. I soon became “The Studio”.

Oh yeah, I’m a messy painter. I love just walking away and leaving the mess until I feel like tidying up. I leave so many paintings started for finishing later. After years of trying to convert the kitchen table or dining room table, this place is surely my paradise.

My “studio” is great for watercolor painting but I wanted an “outdoor space” to do my oil painting … so I converted part of our Lania into another work space. Many days it’s too hot to work out there for very long even though I have an overhead fan. . .and night work is not that great because of the lack of lighting. So, my oil painting usually takes a backseat.

Before I got a better chair…
One of the classrooms at North Port Art Center

Oil Painting Portraits with Laura Pommier @ North Port Art Center (this was the first class)

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