A blast from the past & ART FOR SALE

While organizing my storage area I ran across a couple of older paintings I did 44 years ago. Wow! I was so surprised because I thought I lost all my old paintings and sketches (many I just threw out). Hopefully I have improved over the years, even though I didn’t paint anything for 30-40 years, I did keep drawing (here and there) when I got the chance.

In organizing I find that I am running out of room to keep all the paintings, drawings, other crafts I have done over the years. Every possible wall in my home is taken now and besides the ones hidden behind the couch, under the bed and in the back closets – I’m out of room!

Normally I would seek out some Art Shows and Art Sales Outlets to sell some of my paintings, but due to Covid all those have been canceled or delayed until next year (God willing)… so I have gone ahead and put some reasonable prices on some of my paintings and they are officially for sale from this website. Prices do not include shipping charges (if shipping is necessary, the cost varies by weight but runs anywhere from $10 to $25).

I will give wicked big discounts to my family and close friends (just pay shipping, okay?) But only if you really want my painting hanging in your home (no pity buys, please – I don’t need the attention). I would love to share my joy if you like it. Just email, text or call me.

ritabohan@gmail.com 508-340-2911

Here are the Oldies I found: Painted 44 years ago in Massachusetts.

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