My Oil Painting Portraits – @ NPAC with Laura Pommier

Laura has a great way to bring the best out of her students. No advanced drawing, just measure the approximate places for eyes, nose, mouth, ears, place on canvas and then look for darks and lights, put in the shapes and go from there. As you can see, my problem was usually giving some roundness to the eyes (forgetting the sockets, lids etc.) I have improved…. take a look at my practices.

Although the model was squinting…. I made her eyes too squinty…however got the lips

This “older” model was going to be a lesson in “wrinkles” … and again, my problem was giving her “squinty eyes” in spite of her expression.

Yay! I finally got to express wide open eyes with sockets and lids….however, have not finished this one yet…. soon!

The boy
Work in progress ..
I re-painted her left side and added more hair to correct some major cheek problems… Still like the fur coat !!!

Down to the basics: ….study of the nostrils … study of “the nose” …. study of the “mouth” ……I love doing lips!

Portraits done on my own ….just for practice

Julia at 16 … I love that girl ! She’s much more beautiful than a photo can capture.
Myles … first (and maybe my last) Furry Portrait (this one is watercolor) I might try pastels.

Another try at ” Myles” …trying to soften the coat (watercolor painting)…