This Summer I am thrilled to be able to share our home with my sister Deb.  We have been doing a lot of great stuff together.  We have been experimenting with some Alcohol Ink painting, some oil painting, shopping,  biking and swimming here at LaCasa and enjoying the great local Beaches.

We also have been doing quite a bit of Karaoke around the area and in our Studio.  Making new friends. Singing and painting is our therapy.

Thanks to our friendly neighbors, Tom and Caren, we got a box of oil paint.   Yippee !    So, with that incentive I started some oil paintings on my own – blah!  Next, I signed up with the local Art Association along with my sister Deb and we are enjoying some oil painting classes.   Our Artist/ Instructor suggests the subjects we are working on (lots of flowers – not my favorite) but mostly we are learning a lot about how to use the paint.  My biggest problem continues to be using too much paint.   I have learned a lot and hopefully be able to convert my lessons to some desirable paintings.   I love painting.    LIFE IS GOOD !

My sister and I painted these wooden larger than life cutouts for the LaCasa Community Christmas Decorations. I did Cinderella, Deb did TinkerBell – The Theme this year is Disney

This is my favorite watercolor painting – it was a difficult piece and took a lot of time. The lesson was to add a background after the painting was finished – it was hell making the black, black enough, and it was disruptive for the berries to be masked after being painted.

Now, what the heck am I smiling about? Talk about putting yourself into your painting!

Deb and I experimented with ALCOHOL INK ….we had great fun and experienced some really magical colors. Too many fumes for indoors and it’s too hot outside, so we’ll save alcohol for our cocktails and let our sister Nancy Turner be the alcohol ink artist as she has proven to be quite good with that media.

My Sunrise in Alcohol
My sunset in Alcohol